Mediterranean Brasserie

Vegan & Kosher Mediterranean Restaurant

Anixi is a Mediterranean Brasserie that features vibrant flavors from Greece, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon. Chef Guy Vaknin journeys close to home with this concept, finding profound inspiration in scents, details, ingredients, and textures of the region.

Anixi (Ah-neek-si) means “Spring” in Greek.

After the dark wintery days, Spring comes and new life begins. The fresh flavors and abundance of ingredients that arrive with the season inspired the name Anixi.

Anixi Menu
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Salmon Fillet Steak

Private Dining and Events

Anixi Mediterranean Brasserie offers private dining for intimate gatherings and special occasions. We can host between 50-100 guests for cocktail parties, wedding events, corporate dinners, and receptions. With customizable menu options and attentive service, guests can enjoy a luxurious dining experience in an elegant setting.

For reservations of 9 or more, we require a prix fixe dining menu. To book a large party or private celebration, contact us at

Anixi Private Events At NYC
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The Space

The stunning and historic venue has inspired an elevated menu that will transport you through a blend of many cultures and eras. Designed by Studio RB, the setting incorporates 18th century marble, crystal chandeliers, brass and copper fittings, and hand made art work.

A Culinary Experience

Anixi is a true celebration of Mediterranean cuisine, offering a unique and modern twist on traditional dishes of the region. The menu features an array of fresh ingredients, cutting-edge vegan products, and bold flavors that are designed to delight the senses. Join us for a meal and experience our vision.

Explore the Bar

Introducing the bar at Anixi, the perfect destination to unwind and savor the flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean. Our bar offers a carefully crafted selection of beverages, including a range of artisan cocktails, craft beer, and regionally curated wines from renowned vineyards across the world.

With a warm and inviting atmosphere, the bar provides a cozy setting to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. Guests can lounge on comfortable seating, surrounded by intricate details that evoke the rich cultural heritage of the Mediterranean. Discover the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary flair at the bar of Anixi.

Explore The Bar At Anixi NYC
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