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Kosher Mediterranean Food in NYC

Common belief stands that the more specific the dietary lifestyle, the more a person may struggle to find delicious meal options. Specific cravings only make that mission more difficult. Luckily, with a little guidance, diners will no longer have any problem finding delicious kosher Mediterranean in NYC!

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Vegan Mediterranean Shish Kabobs in NYC

Shish kabobs are a popular dish that can be traced back to Turkey, where Turkish men and women feasted on this classic after skewering meats on a metal skewer or sword to roast over an open flame. Now, with help from Anixi, diners from any background can enjoy vegan Mediterranean shish kabobs in NYC!

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Can You Get Vegan Mediterranean Food in Chelsea, NY?

For the last fifty years, Chelsea has been celebrated not only as a pop-culture hub but as a thriving spot for New York culture as a whole. An easy commute from nearly anywhere in the city, this central neighborhood is buzzing with life, incorporating all the best parts of New York City into one accessible location. From the classic architecture to the nightlife, Chelsea seems to have it all! This leaves many hungry diners wondering, “Can you get vegan Mediterranean food in Chelsea, NY?”

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Best Vegan Mediterranean Food in NYC

Around the world, New York City celebrates a reputation for inclusivity. Nearly from the moment of its founding, this great city has taken care to welcome those from all walks of life, encouraging them to add their own unique touch to the city as they work to make their mark. Nothing showcases this quality quite as clearly as the wide range of culinary options cherished by the people who call this place home, including the best vegan Mediterranean food in NYC!

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Mediterranean vs. Vegan Diet: Which is Better?

As people all over the nation and beyond strive for betterment, it’s natural for those following a health-conscious lifestyle to do their research. In the midst of that research, many find themselves wondering, “Mediterranean vs. vegan diet: which is better?”

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Is a Mediterranean Diet the Healthiest?

In a city where everyone seems driven to discover the best versions of themselves, it’s no wonder that “complicated” diet plans seem to thrive. It’s hard to step into the workplace or social gathering without hearing someone excitedly discussing the potential of their newest diet craze. For many diet plans, unfortunately, that is all they hold: potential. When deep diving into diets with real, lasting power for positive change, many ask, “is a Mediterranean Diet the Healthiest?” Read more