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Vegan Mezze Catering From Anixi NYC

Vegan Mezze Catering from Anixi in NYC

Understandably, one of the most powerful elements of throwing a successful party can also be the most complicated: the food. Creating a menu designed to keep every guest happy is no easy task. Ideally, a party’s menu must strike the balance between healthy– to keep guests from feeling too sluggish– and filling, with options available for guests of every dietary preference or background. Luckily, with vegan mezze catering options from Anixi, your next gathering will be a breeze.

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Vegan Taramasalata At Anixi NYC

Vegan Taramasalata at Anixi in NYC

Though much of the Mediterranean diet naturally overlaps with a cruelty-free lifestyle, sometimes, it takes a bit of tweaking. Such is the case with Taramasalata. This traditional dip is typically made using some form of cured roe, leaving it with a strong ocean flavor and umami tang. With guidance from Anixi and their vegan Taramasalata, even a cruelty-free diner can get everything they’re craving from a Mediterranean diet without compromising their moral principles!

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Mediterranean Diet Food Fire Roasted Eggplant

Mediterranean Diet Vegetarian Meal Plan

Mediterranean diet vegetarian meal plan. Around the world, few diets are quite as healthy or coveted as the Mediterranean diet. Both sustainable and delicious, it is more than just a style of eating; it is a true lifestyle. With roots that date back throughout the history of the Mediterranean coast, this diet has truly withstood the test of time to become one of the most popular of the modern era as well. Now, with help from Anixi and this Mediterranean diet food list, even those following the cruelty-free lifestyle can make the most of this amazing way of life!

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Best Vegan Herb Bread Recipe At Anixi NYC

Best Vegan Mediterranean Recipes from Anixi in NYC

Vegan Mediterranean recipes, there’s something about warm, homemade bread that has the power to make any meal feel more complete. This rule applies doubly so under the Mediterranean diet! With its heavy use of dips, rice, and sauces, this special style of cuisine is presented at its best when served alongside a helping of fresh bread, making it easy to scoop every bite in the most delectable way possible. Now, with the help of Anixi and this best vegan bread recipe, you can bring that soul-warming power to your very own kitchen!

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Favorite Hummuh Toppings At Anixi NYC

The Easiest Hummus Recipe | Anixi NYC

It’s no secret that a classic hummus dip is one of the most delicious, versatile options available in a Mediterranean diet. Rich, creamy, and high in protein, this dip works well no matter how you enjoy it: as a side, a topping, or a hearty lunch guaranteed to help you power through your afternoon. To make the most of this vegan option, we suggest keeping the flavor fresh with the help of some of our favorite hummus toppings!

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Vegan Tzatziki Mezze

Vegan Tzatziki Recipe from Anixi in NYC

Across the world, diners from every culture find themselves craving the complicated flavors behind the dips of the Mediterranean coast. Of these dips, few are more beloved than the cool tzatziki dip. Typically made from a creamy yogurt foundation, this spreadable dip made a name for itself through the combination of fresh dill and cucumber. Now, with this easy vegan tzatziki recipe, cruelty-free cooks can enjoy this dish as they never have before: homemade and completely plant-based!

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Crispy Lamp Cigars At Anixi NYC

Vegan Mediterranean Diet

Over fifty years ago, a team of Harvard researchers began a study with a singular purpose: to learn why exactly so many people living along the Mediterranean Peninsula went on to live such long, healthy lives. In the years that followed, hundreds of studies confirmed the amazing health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Now, with help from the rising star on the NYC cuisine scene, the power of a vegan Mediterranean diet has never been greater!

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Olive Zaatar Pide At Anixi NYC

Best Vegan Mediterranean Restaurant NYC from Anixi

It’s no secret that Mediterranean cuisine is among the most popular in the world. Renowned for its outstanding flavor and remarkable health benefits, this diet began gaining steam in the fifties, and since then, it’s only grown in admiration! For years, those following a cruelty-free diet felt obligated to write off this traditionally meat-centric craze. No more! With help from our NYC restaurant that serves vegan Mediterranean cuisine, diners from every background can enjoy this nutritious phenomenon!

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Hummus Food At Anixi NYC

How to Make the Perfect Hummus

Few dips are more delectable or versatile than a simple, delicious hummus dip. The hearty foundation of protein-rich chickpeas and flavorful seasonings makes a fantastically filling snack, light lunch, or ideal dip for any of your favorite veggies. When learning how to make the perfect hummus, look no further than this easy, delicious recipe from the hottest new Mediterranean recipe in NYC!

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Roasted Eggplant Pide At Anixi NYC

Kosher Mediterranean Food in NYC

Common belief stands that the more specific the dietary lifestyle, the more a person may struggle to find delicious meal options. Specific cravings only make that mission more difficult. Luckily, with a little guidance, diners will no longer have any problem finding delicious kosher Mediterranean in NYC!

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