Vegan Mezze Catering From Anixi NYC

Create the Best Mediterranean Wedding Menu

It’s no secret that your wedding day– while one of the most beautiful and memorable of your life– can also come hand-in-hand with a deal of stress. As you combine your life with that of your loved one, you also watch as all the most important members of your life join together as well, often for the first time. Though the thought can be intimidating, don’t let the nerves overpower your big day. Instead, take things step by step, using guides like this one to create the best inclusive Mediterranean wedding menu possible.

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Za’atar Pita At Anixi NYC

Za’atar Pita from Anixi in NYC

For those unaccustomed to stepping out of their culinary comfort zones, the idea of trying new foods can be daunting. Just the act of stepping into a new restaurant can be nerve-wracking, as diners worry about looking foolish when they ask questions about the unfamiliar menu. No worries. Our staff is dedicated to helping every diner feel at home through patient descriptions and accessible pathways into new cultures with options like the za’atar pita from Anixi in NYC.

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Arak Cured Salmon Fillet Steak At Anixi NYC

Halloween Menu: Mediterranean Catering Ideas from Anixi in NYC

With Halloween approaching, everyone is looking for the perfect catering for their celebrations. Halloween has been a tradition in this country for a long time and has become just as much of a melting pot of ideas as the city of New York itself. By blending the incredible flavors of the Mediterranean with the spooky season, we can create a unique experience for our guests this upcoming season with the fun surprise of the perfect Mediterranean food ideas for Halloween. 

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Mediterranean Food Lemon Cured Tuna At Anixi NYC

Best Mediterranean Takeout Food in NYC

As fun as a night on the town can be, sometimes, it’s hard to muster up that energy in the middle of a busy work week. The idea of fighting the traffic and getting dressed up can feel like more of a hassle than even the most delicious food is worth. Never fear! Anixi is waiting, holding the answers to your dilemma and some of the best Mediterranean takeout food in NYC.

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The History Of Mediterranean Food

Origin of Mediterranean Food

To truly understand any part of the world, you must start with its food; this rule applies even more to the Mediterranean coast’s rich historical background. With every bite of rich dip, seasoned protein, or delicately sweetened dessert, you take part in a culinary tradition that is as old as civilization: the history of Mediterranean food. What’s more, with the right help, you can enjoy all this flavor in the most inclusive, cruelty-free design possible. 

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Anixi Restaurant At NYC

Celebrating Hanukkah 2024: Kosher Dining in NYC

When it comes to preparing for the holidays, you can never start too early, especially if you’re hoping to enjoy Hanukkah in a place like New York City. Though our community is surprisingly compact in size, its rich history of welcoming people from all over has made it one of the most active hubs for Jewish culture in America. To make the most of celebrating Hanukkah, Kosher dining in NYC is the key. 

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The Rich History of NYC Kosher Food Wild Mushroom Kabob

Unveiling the Rich Tapestry of Kosher Food History | Anixi NYC

It is no secret that NYC is widely recognized for its rich food culture. Many may not realize that the most celebrated “NYC foods” are also closely tied to our nation’s history of kosher food. For more information, read more about the fascinating and rich history of NYC and Kosher food. 

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Prickly Lemon Cocktail At Anixi NYC

A Guide to Pairing Wine with Mediterranean Food

The best dining experience doesn’t typically arise from “predictable” circumstances; rather, they are born of chefs who embrace innovation. Unfortunately, the more unique a dish, the more difficult it can seem to pair it with the appropriate wine option. In every step of your dining experience, Anixi stands ready to help, whether through a tasty cruelty-free meal, easy at-home recipes, or this: a guide to pairing wine with Mediterranean food.

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Best Mediterranean Food Catering At Anixi NYC

Best Mediterranean Food for Catering in NYC

In addition to learning about the culinary needs of every guest, event coordinators must also consider the health, safety, and professionalism of the entire experience, choosing only what can meet the highest standards. Luckily, Anixi is ready and waiting with the best Mediterranean food for catering in NYC.

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Vegan Mezze Catering From Anixi NYC

Vegan Mezze Catering from Anixi in NYC

Understandably, one of the most powerful elements of throwing a successful party can also be the most complicated: the food. Creating a menu designed to keep every guest happy is no easy task. Ideally, a party’s menu must strike the balance between healthy– to keep guests from feeling too sluggish– and filling, with options available for guests of every dietary preference or background. Luckily, with vegan mezze catering options from Anixi, your next gathering will be a breeze.

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