Favorite Hummuh Toppings At Anixi NYC

The Easiest Hummus Recipe | Anixi NYC

It’s no secret that a classic hummus dip is one of the most delicious, versatile options available in a Mediterranean diet. Rich, creamy, and high in protein, this dip works well no matter how you enjoy it: as a side, a topping, or a hearty lunch guaranteed to help you power through your afternoon. To make the most of this vegan option, we suggest keeping the flavor fresh with the help of some of our favorite hummus toppings!

If there’s one thing Anixi knows, it’s how to present all your favorite Mediterranean options with innovative creativity, serving up vegan takes on some of the most sought-after cruising in the world! Every dish on our extensive menu– from the dip mezze options to our Turkish flatbread pizza– is prepared fresh, using only the highest quality ingredients.

Anixi’s menu takes full advantage of all the rich flavors of the Mediterranean coast, helping our guests to sample the flavors of Greece, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon. For cruelty-free food that fits perfectly into any lifestyle, simply come down to our Chelsea location or place an order for pickup or to-go.

Our Favorite Hummus Toppings, Made Easy

Favorite Hummuh Toppings At Anixi NYC

Hummus is such a simple, nutritious dish that it’s easy to find yourself “burning out” on its otherwise cravable, savory flavor. Don’t make the mistake of over-indulging in this delicious treat plain! Instead, keep your snack time exciting with any of our easy, favorite hummus toppings.

Simply prepare your dish as usual, and then top it with any of these five scrumptious additions for a burst of flavor and fresh nutrients.


Any fan of salty, sharp flavors will adore the burst of flavor provided by a simple handful of olives. By mincing a variety of your favorite olives and tossing them in a light coating of olive oil, you can easily enhance the already smoky flavors of your hummus, adding a richness you won’t soon forget!

For those looking for an easy fix to their hummus rut, a few spoonfuls of whole, pitted kalamata olives add a simple richness without complicating your lunch through any extra effort. A final drizzle of brine from the jar creates a looser, saltier hummus, perfect for dipping.

Pine Nuts

Need to enhance your lunch with an extra boost of protein and nutrients? No problem! A sprinkling of pine nuts over your hummus is the perfect way to shake up the otherwise creamy texture while heightening the already strong, healthy foundation of this dish.

Toast the pine nuts over low heat and add a pinch of fresh parsley to provide fresh flavor and bright color!

Marinated Bell Peppers

This favorite hummus topping may take a bit more prep, but the effort is worth the result!

Start by roasting your favorite bell peppers in the oven until they’ve fully softened; then, remove the peels. Slice or dice these bell peppers however you please, place them in a container, and cover them with a generous amount of balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and whatever other seasonings you prefer.

The longer these peppers sit, the more they’ll soften and absorb the delicate flavors of the marinade. Take advantage of this topping as a chance to flex your own creativity! Add citrus to the mixture for a brighter overall finish, or spice things up with a few slices of fresh chilis.

Spicy Red Pepper Flakes

Speaking of spice, add some heat to your afternoon with the help of this adventurous hummus topping.

This spice may not be for the faint of heart, but a splash of olive oil and a sprinkling of spicy red pepper flakes can enhance your hummus dip, creating a hot take that your lunch partners or party guests won’t soon forget!

For extra heat without the crunch, create your own spicy olive oil blend by heating pepper flakes in the oil. Take the time to set it aside to cool before using it as a topping.

Anixi’s Crowd-Pleasing Hummus

Hummus Food At Anixi NYC

For inspiration on how to master the balance of flavors, enjoy a meal with the very best. Step into our stunning NYC location and indulge in a serving of our hummus masabacha!

In our own creamy, vegan chickpea puree, we keep every bite traditional with the flavor of tahini. A blend of stewed chickpeas and fresh pine nuts enhance the natural flavors without overwhelming the senses, while a handful of parsley adds a uniquely sharp, peppery bite.

Enjoy this dish with any of our four homemade bread options or gluten-free rosemary crisps, and for even more wholesome goodness, pair it with any of our other dip mezze options!

Hoping for an evening in? Simply explore our full menu, and place an order for pickup or delivery today!