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Celebrating Hanukkah 2024: Kosher Dining in NYC

When it comes to preparing for the holidays, you can never start too early, especially if you’re hoping to enjoy Hanukkah in a place like New York City. Though our community is surprisingly compact in size, its rich history of welcoming people from all over has made it one of the most active hubs for Jewish culture in America. To make the most of celebrating Hanukkah, Kosher dining in NYC is the key. 

As the newest addition to the City Roots Hospitality group, Anixi is excited to build our reputation through fresh Mediterranean options as you’ve never seen before: flavorful, nutritious, and– most importantly– completely vegan. For every menu item from appetizers to dessert, we take advantage of fresh, locally-sourced veggies and traditional herbs and spices as we create fully Kosher Greek, Turkish, Syrian, and Lebanese cuisine. 

Curious about our full menu? Place an order for pickup or delivery today, and read on to learn how to celebrate Hanukkah through Kosher dining in NYC!

Making the Most of Hanukkah Through Kosher Dining

Favorite Hummuh Toppings At Anixi NYC

Before starting the busy holiday season, it can be valuable to establish a “game plan.” A small amount of preparation now can help save plenty of headaches once the crowds come clamoring to the city for the holiday season.

Tip One: Get Creative!

For those celebrating a Kosher diet, the holidays are often not limited to a few simple days. Rather, they are an entire season of family, bonding, and joy as people enjoy this time of reflection with their loved ones. 

This said, with the holidays spreading across the calendar, it can be easy to get tired of the restaurants that offer the most “traditional” takes on Jewish favorites. 

This Hanukkah, don’t limit yourself. Instead, invest in a meal that will leave your mouth watering and your relatives clamoring for more!

At Anixi, we offer cultural respect with variety you’ve never seen. No matter what you’re craving on a chilly night– whether that is rich dips, filling rice dishes, or a healthy break from the holiday sugar– you’ll find it at Anixi. 

What’s more, behind the doors of our gorgeously designed Mediterranean restaurant, you’re sure to find the inclusivity you need to entertain guests from all backgrounds, tastes, or dietary preferences. 

Tip Two: Don’t Forget the Drinks

Is any celebration complete without a tasty beverage? 

It’s a sad truth that, often, observant diners find themselves forgoing a glass of dinnertime wine as a sacrifice to their ideals. While Kosher-certified wines are thankfully growing to be more common, even otherwise celebrated restaurants frequently forget how important it can be to include these on their menu. 

Thankfully, Anixi is ready with options!

Our bar menu contains an entire section devoted to vegan, kosher-certified wines, ensuring that diners can sip in peace without fearing how they may be sacrificing their cultural ideals in doing so. What’s more, we have a variety of non-alcoholic options. 

Even those diners who might otherwise enjoy a tasty cocktail might be curious to learn about our:

  • Refreshing prickly pear and mint soda
  • Intriguing saffron and thyme soda
  • Slightly sweet and herbal pomegranate oregano soda
  • Unforgettable cucumber mint lemonade

Tip Three: Consider a Venue

If you’re hosting more than just a handful of guests this Hanukkah, booking a venue is more than just a necessary expense. It is a true investment in your guest’s comfort.

Once again, Anixi and all other restaurants in the City Roots Hospitality family are excited to help. No matter your crowd, we have the solution to your party-planning woes, with a venue perfectly matched to your size, mood, and culinary needs. 

At Anixi, we can easily host between 50 and 100 guests at a time, perfect for your next reunion, holiday wedding reception, or end-of-year corporate dinner. With customizable menu options and professionally trained, attentive staff, you can rest assured that you have all the tools you need for a relaxed, enjoyable break from the holiday rush. 

For reservations of 9 or more, we are ready with a separate, easy menu to make ordering even simpler than ever! 

Celebrating Hanukkah with Anixi

Anixi Main Dining Venue

The moment you find yourself stressing over all you have to handle this holiday season, stop! The solution for any dining problem you may encounter is waiting at Anixi. 

Tired of the typical? Anticipating a host of diverse culinary needs? Are you worried about the pressures of introducing members of your family? No worries! By investing in an evening with Anixi, you are investing in a night of rest, enjoyment, and relaxation, the perfect escape from the most common stresses of the holiday season.

Glance through all the options available on our full menu, and place an order for pickup or delivery to sample the flavors today!