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Is A Mediterranean Diet Good For You?

In a city where everyone seems driven to discover the best versions of themselves, it’s no wonder that “complicated” diet plans seem to thrive. It’s hard to step into the workplace or social gathering without hearing someone excitedly discussing the potential of their newest diet craze. For many diet plans, unfortunately, that is all they hold: potential. When deep diving into diets with real, lasting power for positive change, many ask, “is a Mediterranean Diet the Healthiest?”

At Anixi, the newest restaurant to the City Roots Hospitality family, our chefs understand the power of a well-cooked meal. By combining two of the healthiest options around– the vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle and the Mediterranean diet– our trained chefs present food that’s more than just inventive; they offer food designed to benefit the health of your body, mind, and planet as a whole.

Without a doubt, a meal from Anixi is guaranteed to stimulate your senses while also enhancing your health. Curious to learn more? Ready to sample the flavors for yourself? Explore all the options available on our full menu, and place an order for pickup or delivery today!

Is a Mediterranean Diet Good For You?

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While the phrase “Mediterranean Diet” may have been originally created by the Harvard School of Public Health, the heart of this lifestyle actually dates back much further throughout the culture of ancient Greece.

Based in both history and science, this diet first rose to popularity around the late fifties, when a series of scientists noticed a pattern of higher life expectancies and lower rates of chronic diseases in countries along the Mediterranean. Further study revealed the source of this health phenomenon came from the traditional diet common in that area.

Rich in vegetables and healthy proteins, this diet has been linked to increased heart health and lower rates of inflammation, making it an easy favorite among those suffering from autoimmune and cardiovascular issues. What’s more, this diet has been linked to all-important brain health, as medical professionals attest that followers of this diet seemed to age well, with better mental clarity and lower rates of neurological illnesses.

Hungry diners searching for a rich meal will be pleased to hear that this diet encourages healthy fats, with olive oil being highly preferred to fatty, dairy-based oils like butter. To improve things even further, practitioners of this welcoming, non-restrictive diet are widely encouraged to seek their own path to health, even enjoying their usual glass of red wine!

Rooted heavily in rich, flavorful seasonings and herbs, these meals are every bit as beneficial to the taste buds as they are to the body!

Can Mediterranean Food be Cruelty-Free?

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Though many of the proteins present in the classic Mediterranean diet rely on meat, that doesn’t have to be the case! With careful preparation and the right creativity, there’s no reason one can’t enjoy a diet tailored to fit their own needs.

In fact, the benefits present in a vegan diet perfectly complement the few weaknesses present in a traditional Mediterranean diet, making it the healthiest overall option regardless of the diner’s chosen lifestyle!

While a fantastic source of vitamins, a Mediterranean diet can often be fairly high-calorie, making it difficult for those conscious of certain weight-loss goals. However, by switching the oily meats for plant-based alternatives, diners and home chefs alike can enjoy options that are naturally lower in fat and calories.

Much like the Mediterranean diet, studies seem to suggest longer, healthier lifespans in those who practice a plant-based diet. Adding to the already present benefits, studies have also shown that vegetarianism lowers the risk of developing diabetes by half. For those already suffering, a plant-based diet has even shown the power to decrease or halt symptoms.

Mouthwatering Mediterranean Dishes at Anixi

Salmon Risotto At Anixi NYC

With the right care, there’s no reason a cruelty-free diet can’t be rife with all the same delicious, awe-inspiring meals as any other!

No matter the diner’s dietary preference, they are sure to find something to love on our expansive, inclusive menu. Indulge in such mouthwatering options as:

  • The Arak cured “salmon,” served with toasted pita, za’atar, labneh, harissa, caper leaves, flavorful pickled onions, and charred anise
  • Our filling beet and citrus salad, with date honey roasted beets, citrus supreme dressing, vegan “feta,” sumac, and fresh figs on a bed of baby watercress
  • Grilled fattoush, with petite romaine lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, mint, and pomegranate, topped with shaved pita crisps

Don’t miss out! Step into our restaurant to begin sampling cuisine inspired by the Mediterranean traditions of Greece, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon. To make matters easier, peruse our full menu, place an order for pickup or delivery, and let us bring the flavor to you!