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Unveiling the Rich Tapestry of Kosher Food History | Anixi NYC

It is no secret that NYC is widely recognized for its rich food culture. Many may not realize that the most celebrated “NYC foods” are also closely tied to our nation’s history of kosher food. For more information, read more about the fascinating and rich history of NYC and Kosher food. 

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History of NYC and Kosher Food

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To understand all the “big picture” ways that Kosher food has made its impact on our great city, it’s important to start with the tiny details. Only by looking into the past can we understand the full value of a Kosher-certified menu in today’s rich, diverse world.

The Early Days

Though the rules of Kosher have existed for thousands of years, these culinary guidelines first made their appearance in American history in 1654, when a group of 23 Jewish people landed on our shores in the hope of a better life. From here, they strived to develop a life where they could fully immerse themselves in the freedoms they were restricted from in their homelands. 

As years passed, immigration continued to bring more hopeful young minds to this nation, each wanting to find an inclusive, welcoming environment. As the different cultures blended, Jewish Americans searched for new ways to enjoy the newfound variety and a Kosher-certified lifestyle. At the same time, they searched for ways to continue establishing themselves and share their own culture, starting Kosher-certified food businesses that carry on to this day. 

In 1907, a Jewish-Ukranian created his own line of sweet treats; today, Radutzky’s candies carry on that legacy in Brooklyn. Not even twenty years later, another inclusive inventor, Gabila’s Knishes, entered the scene. To this day, they continue stocking Jewish delis all across the city.

Modern Kosher Food in NYC

The task of clinging to a well-established cultural identity in a changing world is not an easy one. However, the way the rules of Kosher thrive across New York City shows that it is far from impossible.

As the world changes, these cultural laws have held fast, maintaining the Jewish tradition. At the same time, they’ve expanded in variety.

Though Kosher diners are still free to enjoy all their favorite Kosher-certified classics, the expansiveness of this diet has grown to include the cultures of other nations as well. In doing so, they’ve offered more variety than ever before. 

Take, for prime example, the inclusive menu at Anixi. 

Every appetizer, dinner, and dessert on our full menu observes the restrictions of a Kosher diet, ensuring that observant diners can finally savor the delicacies of the Mediterranean coast without fearing the potential lack of respect towards their own cultural practices. 

Enjoy such diverse, crowd-pleasing options as our:

  • Wild mushroom kabob, with its rich variety of portobello, crimini, and oyster mushrooms, arranged alongside compressed tofu, mint, and pomegranate molasses
  • Crispy “lamb” cigars, made cruelty-free with Harissa infused “lamb,” cumin, coriander, labneh, and lemon
  • Arak cured “salmon” risotto, flavored with lemon cream, asparagus puree, wakame powder, and micro seagrass

By taking full advantage of fresh, high-quality vegan ingredients, the minds behind this menu go above and beyond to ensure that every diner who steps through our doors leaves satisfied.

Kosher Dining at Anixi

Anixi Main Dining Venue

At the core of every menu item at Anixi is a foundation of respect, education, and a deep passion for the art of food and people. 

Curious to learn more about how Anixi helps diners all over NYC make the most of each and every meal? Simply explore our full menu, and place an order for pickup or delivery today!