Best Mediterranean Food Catering At Anixi NYC

Best Mediterranean Food for Catering in NYC

In addition to learning about the culinary needs of every guest, event coordinators must also consider the health, safety, and professionalism of the entire experience, choosing only what can meet the highest standards. Luckily, Anixi is ready and waiting with the best Mediterranean food for catering in NYC.

City Roots Hospitality is proud to present the newest addition to its restaurant family: Anixi. Just like every other restaurant in our cruelty-free family, the staff behind Anixi’s innovative menu take the utmost care to serve options that fit every need. Conveniently located in Chelsea, Anixi offers a wholly new take on Mediterranean classics, bringing them fresh to any table, be that located in our beautiful restaurant, venue options, outdoor setting, or the comfort of your own home.

Designed to take advantage of all the flavors coveted along the Mediterranean coast, Anixi’s menu is fully inclusive. Our genius staff turns this traditionally “meat-heavy” culture into one that any diner– whether cruelty-free, gluten-free, or kosher– can enjoy. Simply come down to our Chelsea location or place an order for pickup or to-go. 

Mediterranean Food for Catering

For generations, the food of the Mediterranean has been praised for its health, flavor, and versatility. No matter who you invite to your gathering, ensure they can find something to love with some of the best Mediterranean food for Catering in NYC.

With help from Anixi, you can ensure that no one leaves your event hungry. 

Mouthwatering Mezze 

Best Mediterranean Food Catering At Anixi NYC

For a more active gathering, one in which you hope that guests can enjoy their food as they dance, stand, or otherwise mingle, feel free to make use of our outstanding mezze options. These small portions are made for nibbling and are designed to be light yet filling.

Small in size but not in flavor, these mezze options make the absolute most of every herb and seasoning that has cemented Mediterranean cuisine as among the most treasured in the world. 

For raw mezze, choose from among options like these available in our standing restaurant: 

  • Preserved lemon-cured “tuna,” served with za’atar pita chips, black seaweed caviar, avocado mousse, saffron, and parsley oil
  • Beet and citrus salad, topped with date honey roasted beets, citrus supreme, “feta,” sumac, fresh figs, and micro mint for an extra burst of flavor
  • Grilled fattoush, served with petite romaine, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, mint, pomegranate, and shaved pita crisps

Looking for warm, wholesome mezze options? Sample from flavors such as those in our:

  • “Beef” dolmas, gluten-free treats served with braised fresh grape leaves, seasoned “beef,” basmati rice, labneh, apricots, saffron, and fresh parsley
  • Artichoke tots, made with crispy artichoke hearts, cilantro, and tahini, with delectable lemon saffron sauce
  • Easily snackable “lamb” pockets, flavored with tomato confit, brown butter, yogurt, sumac, lemon, and parsley
  • Crispy “lamb” cigars, made from harissa-infused cruelty-free “lamb” and flavored with cumin, coriander, labneh, and lemon

The options don’t stop there. Feel free to choose from any of our crowd-pleasing mezze dips; each served cruelty-free and kosher-certified. 

Unforgettable Pide 

Vegan Mediterranean Food At Anixi NYC

At Anixi, we pride ourselves on being able to offer food for any mood. No meal better matches that mission statement than our unforgettable pide.

These Turkish pita pizzas are made fresh in-house and seared to the highest temperatures possible, ensuring a crisp crust and bubbling vegan “cheese” where appropriate. Just like with each menu item, these pita pizzas are prepared using only the freshest possible ingredients for the most flavorful outcome.

Select from among:

  • Our fire-roasted eggplant pide, topped with tomato marmalade, caramelized cipollini onions, whipped “ricotta,” mint, and fresh pomegranate molasses
  • The crowd-pleasing braised “beef” pide, complete with roasted crimini mushrooms, “mozzarella,” parsley, salty “feta,” and caraway seeds
  • Our olive za’atar pide, made flavorful through harissa, “mozzarella,” capers, whipped “ricotta,” red onions, preserved lemon, and thyme

Whether you’re hoping for a big, sophisticated flavor or food fun enough to entertain the kids, this pide has what you need for a memorable evening.

Outstanding Service with Anixi

Vegan Mezze Catering From Anixi NYC

The first step to planning your Mediterranean food for catering is to sample the flavors for yourself. At Anixi, we are excited to help make that happen.

 Simply explore our full menu, and start planning your next night on the town. Hoping for a cozy night in? Reach out and place an order for pickup or delivery today!