Mediterranean Food Lemon Cured Tuna At Anixi NYC

Best Mediterranean Takeout Food in NYC

As fun as a night on the town can be, sometimes, it’s hard to muster up that energy in the middle of a busy work week. The idea of fighting the traffic and getting dressed up can feel like more of a hassle than even the most delicious food is worth. Never fear! Anixi is waiting, holding the answers to your dilemma and some of the best Mediterranean takeout food in NYC.

At our core, Anixi stands ready to complete a simple mission: shining the brightest possible light on all the delicious, healthy opportunities within a cruelty-free diet! Whether through the power of a perfectly cooked meal or one of our easy cooking guides, our staff hopes to ease the way into a vegan diet for as many people as possible, all throughout New York City and beyond. 

Curious about all that our full menu holds? Read on to learn about the fantastic options available at Anixi, and when you’re ready to sample the flavors for yourself, place an order for pickup or delivery!

The Best Mediterranean Takeout Food in NYC: Cruelty-free!

Mediterranean Food Lemon Cured Tuna At Anixi NYC

We all know the unfortunate pitfalls that often come with takeout. Rather than arriving hot and fresh in the same quality we expect within restaurant doors, takeout food often arrives cold, soggy, and somehow void of flavor. 

At Anixi, we guarantee better!

We have the experience to address each issue in the delivery process so your meals arrive at the high standard that so many diners have come to anticipate of a meal from the City Roots Hospitality family. That’s because our cuisine is designed to travel. While breaded, fried foods frequently arrive without their distinctive “crunch,” every bite of our healthy meal options are made to maintain their shape during transportation. Our scrumptious meals taste the same whether you eat them in our convenient 8th Avenue location or on your couch at home.

The next time you’re in need of a filling, well-earned meal, sample from any of our most popular dishes:

  • Arak cured “salmon” risotto, complete with Arborio rice, lemon cream, asparagus puree, wakame powder, and micro seagrass. Every bite tastes of the ocean, completely free of seafood!
  • Grilled “steak” shish kabobs, prepared with Chunk Foods steak, grilled onions, tahini, and our very own garlic herb tapenade.
  • A kofta kabob, made with cinnamon and cumin infused “beef,” along with an intriguing combination of herbs and seasonings to leave you equally intrigued and engaged.
  • Tomato moussaka prepared with roasted eggplant, tomato braised “beef,” bechamel sauce, potatoes, and vegan “mozzarella.”

No matter your selection, rest assured that you’re dining in good hands with Anixi!

Order The Best Mediterranean Food in Advanced with Anixi

Mediterranean Diet Food Fire Roasted Eggplant

Don’t waste time by pushing off your takeout order until the last minute. If you’re already anticipating a stressful afternoon–where endless meetings make it impossible to step away for more than a few minutes, or if you’re planning a date night–place your order at Anixi ahead of time, and spend your morning anticipating the moment you can indulge in your ready-made meal.

For a break in your afternoon, we suggest indulging in these light, snackable meals and dips:

  • Our fire-roasted eggplant dip, flavored with tahini, mint, sweet pomegranate, and a delicate drizzle of molasses 
  • Hummus masabacha, our very own chickpea puree flavored with tahini and topped with stewed chickpeas and parsley
  • Whipped “ricotta”  dip, a cheesy alternative with apricots, Aleppo peppers, and gorgeous saffron
  • Beet and citrus salad, topped with date honey roasted beets, citrus supreme, “feta,” sumac, fresh figs, and micro mint
  • Preserved lemon cured “tuna,” served with Za’atar pita chips, black seaweed caviar, avocado mouse, saffron, and a drizzle of parsley oil

By taking full advantage of the Mediterranean culture of “mezze meals,” you can easily incorporate easy snacks, giving you the energy you need to power through your day. 

No matter what your day holds, tackle it with food that powers your mind just as efficiently as it nourishes your body!

Easy Pickup and Takeout with Anixi

Ekmek Kataifi Dessert At Anixi NYC

Allow Anixi the honor of elevating your night into one that leaves you full and satisfied. Simply explore our full menu, and place an order for pickup or delivery today! Or you can stop by our conveniently located establishment– right in the heart of the city.