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Mediterranean vs. Vegan Diet: Which is Better?

As people all over the nation and beyond strive for betterment, it’s natural for those following a health-conscious lifestyle to do their research. In the midst of that research, many find themselves wondering, “Mediterranean vs. vegan diet: which is better?”

At Anixi, we find ourselves asking the opposite: “Why not both?” Our restaurant was founded on the simple principle that a cruelty-free lifestyle should not be one of sacrifice and restriction. Instead, it should celebrate all the same freedom for culinary exploration as any other, opening the doors to new flavors, healthy opportunities, and experiences.

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Mediterranean vs. Vegan Diet

Find out more about the differences between these two diets below!

Plant-Based Perfection: The Vegan Diet

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Though the benefits of a vegan diet are seemingly endless, the greatest possible benefit lies in combating one of the biggest problems in America: heart disease.

In this country alone, hundreds die every week from preventable, heart-related illnesses. While exercise plays a major role in increasing heart health, few dietary choices can be better for overall health than cutting out unnecessary meat.

Once in the body, the saturated fats heavy in meats– especially red meat– quickly become a much deeper issue. Additionally, even the nutrients present in red meat can later carry problems. In breaking down these meat-based nutrients, the human body produces a chemical commonly known as TMAO, which has been linked to higher rates of heart attacks, hardened arteries, and stroke.

For those with a family history of heart disease, the benefits of a vegan diet can hold more than a simple energy boost; they can hold the key to a longer, happier life!

But when considering switching to a vegan lifestyle, many diners wonder the same thing: what do they do for protein?

Despite popular opinion, protein consumption is very rarely an issue in a plant-based diet. Moreover, studies have shown the protein available in veggie-based options like beans, mushrooms, and leafy greens hold much greater potential for long-term health!

While meat is undeniably a denser protein source than most veggies, it also comes hand-in-hand with many issues: greasy fats, charred carcinogens, and artery-clogging choline. In contrast, plant-based proteins are rich only in the kinds of nutrients necessary to maintain mental clarity, long-lasting energy, and overall health.

The Mediterranean Diet

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Even ignoring all the miraculous health benefits a Mediterranean diet holds the potential for– heart health, longer lifespan, reduced rates of neurological disease— this dietary structure has a variety of hidden benefits that many practitioners claim makes it one of the easiest, most beneficial long-term lifestyle options.

If these benefits could be summed up in one word, it would be this: balance.

While many diets heavily restrict what options are on the table– both figuratively and literally– the Mediterranean diet is widely praised for its non-restrictive, accessible nature. Rather than dictating a long list of what practitioners cannot eat, this diet thrives in providing plenty of wiggle room.

To gain the benefits of this diet, diners need only lean into the delicious flavors of the Mediterranean as they indulge in healthy grains, veggies, and fats. Beyond these few boundaries, the world is your own! With a variety of different rich cultures to pull inspiration from, it’s a breeze to tailor this diet to your own style rather than forcing yourself to fit into its own.

Plant-Based Mediterranean at Anixi

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If there’s one thing the vast menu at Anixi would never do, it is ask diners to choose between the life-changing benefits of two such powerful dietary lifestyles. Rather, our professionally trained cooks take the time to ensure that every guest, no matter their background or culinary preference, can find a nutritious, creatively inspired meal to enjoy!

Select from among such crowd-pleasing vegan options as:

  • The fire-roasted eggplant pide (Turkish flatbread pizza) with tomato marmalade, caramelized cipollini onions, whipped “ricotta” cheese, fresh mint, and sweet pomegranate molasses
  • The grilled chick’n shish kabob, flavored with turmeric, coriander, preserved lemon, green tahini, dehydrated harissa, and fresh green cilantro
  • Our kofta kabob, made with cinnamon and cumin infused “beef,” served with tahini, parsley, and sumac

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