Vegan Mezze Catering From Anixi NYC

Vegan Mezze Catering from Anixi in NYC

Understandably, one of the most powerful elements of throwing a successful party can also be the most complicated: the food. Creating a menu designed to keep every guest happy is no easy task. Ideally, a party’s menu must strike the balance between healthy– to keep guests from feeling too sluggish– and filling, with options available for guests of every dietary preference or background. Luckily, with vegan mezze catering options from Anixi, your next gathering will be a breeze.

City Roots Hospitality is proud to present the newest addition to its restaurant family: Anixi! Whether you step into our restaurant– conveniently located in the Chelsea area– or take advantage of our creative catering options, this stunning new establishment presents vegan Mediterranean cuisine in a whole new way, introducing fresh, gorgeous foods inspired by the cultures of Greece, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey.

Our fully inclusive menu is designed with true joy, offering every diner the same unique chance to enjoy foods from this ancient culture. Whether cruelty-free, gluten-free, or kosher, your guests are guaranteed to find something to love. Simply come down to our Chelsea location or place an order for pickup or to-go. Once you’ve tasted the flavor for yourself, contact us for details about how we can help bring your next gathering to the next level with a touch of sophistication and inclusivity.

Mediterranean Vegan Mezze Catering

Vegan Mezze Catering From Anixi NYC

For a larger gathering, the ideal menu must walk a delicate tightrope. The dishes should be small and portable, allowing guests the freedom to snack as they mingle. Likewise, they should offer variety, ensuring that no one leaves the party hungry.

To further complicate matters, the ingredients should be wholesome, with a balance of proteins to keep them filling and veggies to prevent the dishes from “weighing down” otherwise energetic party guests.

There’s one clear solution, one option that ticks off every box and guarantees to enhance the perfect menu: Mediterranean vegan mezze.

With an assortment of delicious dips, salads, and pasta, the Anixi Mediterranean mezze holds the perfect balance of flavor and versatility, leaving every guest satisfied and every host relieved to enjoy their evening, free of stress.

Mezze Dips

The highlight of any Mediterranean mezze lies in the heart of the display: the rich, fulfilling dips.

Our Mediterranean mezze station comes complete with four delicious dip options:

  • Za’atar hummus, as rich in plant-based protein as it is in authentic Mediterranean flavor
  • Fire-roasted eggplant dip, creamy without the use of any dairy
  • Fava bean and olive dip, filled with healthy fats for a filling, delicious consistency
  • Tzaziki dip, made with a vegan alternative to the traditional Greek yogurt

Served alongside a handful of easily-snackable sumac chips, these dips are sure to become the talk of the party, inviting conversation and encouraging a relaxed, intimate feeling from even the most elaborate of parties!

Other Mediterranean Options

The fun doesn’t stop there; this mezze offers a host of other options, from salads to pasta!

Each bite holds true to the Anixi promise, making the most of fresh ingredients to offer Mediterranean flavors as you’ve never seen them before: both authentic and fully vegan.

Your guests will adore the chance to sample the flavors of our very own:

  • Beluga lentil salad, made with a complex blend of smokey, roasted peppers and sharp, brined capers: the perfect combination for a memorable, filling dish.
  • Penne served with sun-dried tomatoes and chickpeas for a bright, earthy take on a classic pasta salad.
  • Tabouli, rich in fresh green parsley and ripe, chopped tomatoes; This dish has a peppery, herbal bite that will leave your guests begging for more.
  • Arugula salad topped with seasonable vegetables, promising a fresh flavor and burst of gorgeous color with every bite.

No matter your guest’s backgrounds– be they looking for vegan options or just unforgettable, creative flavors– they are guaranteed to find something to love on our Anixi mezze tray!

Anixi and City Roots Hospitality

Vegan Tzatziki Mediterranean Vegan Diet

Looking for a more affordable alternative to our full catering? No problem! In addition to our full vegan catering, City Roots Hospitality offers easily customizable drop-off catering. Just a few calls, and we’ll be happy to help you design your ideal menu, plan the night, and drop off the catering of your dreams!

With options ranging from sandwiches to filling kabobs, our menus hold everything you need for a memorable, satisfying evening.

Hoping for a preview of the flavor to come? Simply step into our restaurant to begin sampling our menu, or place an order for takeout/delivery and let us bring the flavor to you.