The History Of Mediterranean Food

Origin of Mediterranean Food

To truly understand any part of the world, you must start with its food; this rule applies even more to the Mediterranean coast’s rich historical background. With every bite of rich dip, seasoned protein, or delicately sweetened dessert, you take part in a culinary tradition that is as old as civilization: the history of Mediterranean food. What’s more, with the right help, you can enjoy all this flavor in the most inclusive, cruelty-free design possible. 

At Anixi, we are proud to offer kosher, vegan Mediterranean food to diners in the NYC area. With plenty of gluten-free options available, our fully inclusive menu was created with a single goal: to share food that is as good for your body and mind as it is for the environment we all share. These healthy, vegan meal options maintain a solid foundation in Mediterranean traditions, offering all the classic flavors with none of the compromises!

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Eating at the “Cradle of Civilization”

Vegan Taramasalata At Anixi NYC

Most historians and anthropologists believe that all evidence points to early civilization originally forming in the Mediterranean by looking at how ancient Asia shaped around its borders. It was tucked in this welcoming climate that great civilizations began to rise, and with them came an urgent need to feed the bodies that were building the new technology and architecture of the quickly growing community.  

Oil, bread, and wine became the triad of early Mediterranean food. Due to the ease with which grains thrived in the climate, bread was an easy, affordable way for people to power through the hard labor of building the early world. Likewise, oil added flavor and long-lasting vitality through healthy fats. Wine also became the safer alternative in a world where water could easily fill with toxic bacteria. 

With this strong foundation, early cities prospered, and the start of what we now know as the “Mediterranean diet” thrived!

With a prospering economy came trade and, with that, travel. As people from around the world clamored for a chance to trade goods, they brought the best of their spices and herbs. Thankfully, the people of that community were not shy in adopting those flavors into their own!

Continuing through History

As time passed, the “cradle of civilization” continued to thrive, taking in new traditions as it did. Soon, this simple diet expanded to include a host of ingredients the people in the early Mediterranean could never have imagined: sugar cane, rice, citrus, and rosewater. 

In a world heavily dependent on meat and grains, the people of the Mediterranean began to indulge in rich fruits and vegetables. Eggplant and pomegranate became cultural staples, and as people noticed the positive effects of these foods on their health and mood, they searched for more. 

By the time the Americas came into the picture, Greece, Lebanon, and other cultures in this part of the world were well acquainted with the benefits of gleaning knowledge from others! This led to the inclusion of exciting foods like potatoes, corn, peppers, chilis, and beans. 

Slowly, food in this area of the world came to mean far more than mere survival; it was a tool through which to truly enjoy life. 

The Modern Mediterranean 

When the 1950s rolled around, scientists and researchers noticed an interesting phenomenon. The people of the Mediterranean lived far longer than many of their surrounding cultures, with greater rates of both health and happiness! Upon this realization, the world’s top minds got to work. The results were astounding. 

They discovered that the balance of fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals common in the “Mediterranean diet” was proven to increase heart health and fortify the body against diseases. What’s more, how this diet was commonly enjoyed– rich in flavor, with wiggle room to allow delicious wines and spices– seemed to encourage a healthier relationship with food in general.

To this day, the Mediterranean diet is widely recognized for its amazing health benefits. Now, with help from Anixi, people of all cultures, backgrounds, and lifestyles can experience equal access to this outstanding phenomenon!

Vegan Mediterranean Food in NYC

Vegan Mediterranean Food At Anixi NYC

No matter what, don’t limit yourself. Instead, fully embrace all the healthy, delectable goodness that a cruelty-free Mediterranean diet can bring. Break out your cookware, explore new meal options, and sample dining from the experts at Anixi to start enjoying the best Kosher Mediterranean in NYC.

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