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Vegan Mediterranean Diet

Over fifty years ago, a team of Harvard researchers began a study with a singular purpose: to learn why exactly so many people living along the Mediterranean Peninsula went on to live such long, healthy lives. In the years that followed, hundreds of studies confirmed the amazing health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Now, with help from the rising star on the NYC cuisine scene, the power of a vegan Mediterranean diet has never been greater!

The newest restaurant to the City Roots Hospitality family, Anixi is excited to present the Mediterranean diet as you’ve never seen it before, fresh, creative, and completely vegan! Treat yourself to a dining experience inspired by the flavors of Greece, Lebanon, and beyond! Conveniently located in the hip Chelsea neighborhood, our fully inclusive menu guarantees every diner the same opportunity to indulge.

Curious about all that our full menu holds? Read on to learn about the amazing options available at Anixi, and when you’re ready to sample the flavors for yourself, place an order for pickup or delivery!

Benefits of the Vegan Mediterranean Diet

Vegan Mediterranean Diet Mushroom Kabob

No one should start a new diet plan without understanding the impact that it may have on your health. Many diet plans– though powerful at the start– eventually taper off into something unsustainable or even unhealthy as a long-term lifestyle plan.

Luckily, the vegan Mediterranean diet seems to hold only health benefits, both in the long and short-term!

Since the Mediterranean diet was officially coined in the late fifties and early sixties, it has only risen in popularity as chefs, scientists, and mindful eaters all over the world came to realize the promise it held.

Those struggling with their heart health will be excited to hear that long-term studies have proven the people of the Mediterranean coast celebrate lower rates of heart disease than almost any other in the world. Similarly, the healthy balance of vegetables, grains, and healthy fats has been proven to ease the pain of arthritis, as these foods have natural anti-inflammatory properties.

What’s more, with just a few easy alterations, this diet can be even more beneficial!

In its original form, the Mediterranean diet is reliant on meat, particularly fish. With some changes, however, this diet can easily fit into the vegan lifestyle, presenting an alternative that is frequently even higher in nutrients and lower in calories.

What is a Vegan Mediterranean Diet?

Salmon Risotto At Anixi NYC

Unlike many dietary plans, which place an emphasis on huge restrictions, a vegan Mediterranean diet is one of inclusion. Rather than focusing on all that you can’t pile onto your plate, this one is about accepting the amazing flavors and potential of all that you can!

Starting with a base of natural, healthy grains, this diet encourages followers to indulge in whole wheat bread, rice, and polenta. Feel free to pile on the pasta, as long as it comes with a healthy portion of veggies!

The next tier of this diet involves fruits and veggies, especially those most popular along the Mediterranean coast. Rather than simply presenting these in salad form, however, this diet encourages diners to indulge in new, creative dips, flatbreads, and spreads, savoring the natural flavors in snackable forms.

From here, amp up the value of your diet with vegan proteins. In the vegan Mediterranean diet, practitioners can enjoy a whole host of amazing options: chickpeas, dark greens, fish alternatives, and mushrooms.

Decadent wines and delicate olive oil are welcome, though of course moderation is key. Luckily, with all the other delicious flavors on your plate, you’ll find that cutting out greasy fats has never been easier!

The herbs and spices most popular in this diet serve dual purposes: flavoring the dishes and upholding that healthy standard. Tumeric— one of the primary seasonings– has proven anti-inflammatory properties, while many others are widely believed to have powers in preventing cancer.

Pile on the flavorful rosemary, basil, and ginger, and get ready to kiss boredom goodbye!

Hottest Vegan Mediterranean Food in NYC

Crispy Lamp Cigars At Anixi NYC

Health benefits aside, there’s still a major benefit to a Mediterranean diet that will have you coming back for more: intense, awe-inspiring flavor!

Every dish at Anixi is as gorgeous as it is delicious. Come down to our Chelsea location and savor the chance to try dishes such as:

  • Our preserved lemon cured “tuna,” served with Za’atar pita chips, black seaweed caviar, avocado mousse, saffron, and parsley oil, with gluten-free options available.
  • Artichoke tots served crispy with artichoke hearts, cilantro, tahini, and lemon saffron sauce
  • Manti “lamb” pockets stuffed with tomato confit, brown butter, vegan yogurt, sumac, lemon, and parsley

For those who prefer a cozy night in, Anixi still offers options! Explore our full menu, and place an order for pickup or delivery today!