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Best Vegan Mediterranean Food in NYC

Around the world, New York City celebrates a reputation for inclusivity. Nearly from the moment of its founding, this great city has taken care to welcome those from all walks of life, encouraging them to add their own unique touch to the city as they work to make their mark. Nothing showcases this quality quite as clearly as the wide range of culinary options cherished by the people who call this place home, including the best vegan Mediterranean food in NYC!

The newest addition to the City Roots Hospitality group, Anixi takes pride in serving up Mediterranean food as you’ve never seen before: indulgent, nutritious, and– most importantly– completely vegan! As part of the leading vegan restaurant group in New York City, Anixi uses locally-sourced ingredients to create fresh, creative takes on traditional Greek, Turkish, Syrian, and Lebanese cuisine.

Curious about our full menu? Read on to learn about the amazing options available at Anixi, and when you’re ready to sample the flavors for yourself, place an order for pickup or delivery!

Crowd-Pleasing Mezze

Dip Mezze Assortment at Anixi NYC

At Anixi, we understand the power of a truly well-planned meal. When done properly, a meal is far more than a simple arrangement of plates and ingredients; it is an experience.

Through small, sharable plates of mezze dishes, Anixi empowers diners to turn their meal into a community experience. Indulge in rich, fresh Mediterranean dips and dishes alongside your closest friends and family. Best of all, the brilliant minds behind the Anixi kitchen work hard to ensure that every diner– no matter their background, lifestyle, or personal tastes– can find something to enjoy!

Chat, laugh, and bond over all the options available on the inclusive Anixi menu.

Dip Mezze

What better way to set the tone for your dish than with a series of delicious, healthy dip options?

Anixi offers guests the opportunity to choose from among five different dips: taramasalata, fire-roasted eggplant, hummus masabacha, whipped “ricotta,” and kabocha squash. Sample dips individually, as a colorful trio, or in full, sampling the wide range of flavor options pulled straight from the Mediterranean.

With a variety of different housemade bread options to choose from, Anixi’s dip mezze ensures that no one steps away from the table without finding something to love.

Raw and Hot Mezze

Dips may make the perfect snack, but when you’re craving something a bit more hearty, turn to the raw and hot mezze choices for filling mezze you won’t forget!

While many restaurants write “raw” mezze off, only offering an assortment of uncooked veggies, the Anixi cooks take this as an opportunity for creativity. As usual, they rise to the challenge, offering such mouthwatering options as:

  • Arak cured “salmon,” served with toasted pita, za’atar, labneh, harissa, caper leaves, pickled onions, pickled onions, and charred anise
  • Preserved lemon cured “tuna,” served “raw” with a helping of black seaweed caviar, Aleppo peppers, saffron, and parsley oil, with rosemary flatbread
  • Grilled fattoush, made on a bed of petite romaine lettuce, with radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, mint, pomegranate, and shaved pita crisps

For hot, steaming options served fresh from the kitchen, feel free to select mezze from all the options on the hot mezze menu! Savor the opportunity to indulge in options from this rarely utilized part of the globe: “beef” dolmas, “ricotta” and spinach borek rolls, and much more!

Unforgettable Entrees

Shish Kabob Steak At Anixi NYC

There’s something incredibly wholesome about sharing a meal with your loved ones; however, on days when hunger is knocking at your door, sharable dishes just don’t cut it. Instead, treat yourself to one of the cruelty-free entrees at Anixi!

Whether you’re looking for locally-sourced veggies, creative proteins, or truly artistic seafood substitutions, you’ll find what you need behind the doors of our stunningly designed restaurant.

Indulge in options like:

  • Tomato moussaka made filling with tomato braised “beef,” “ricotta,” and potatoes and kept flavorful with roasted eggplant and vegan mozzarella
  • Grilled “steak” shish kabobs, prepared with Chunk Foods steak, grilled onions, herbs, tahini, and garlic confit tapenade
  • Wild mushroom kabob, made using portobello and crimini mushrooms, compressed tofu, thyme, and a drizzle of pomegranate molasses

Our professionally trained chefs prepare every dish to perfection, including our hugely popular Arak cured “salmon” risotto.

This seafood-inspired dish is guaranteed to become one of your favorite treats. Using only the freshest asparagus and micro-seagrass, topped with a house-made lemon cream sauce, this rice dish is every bit as delicious to-go as it is in our gorgeously designed restaurant.

Dine with the Best: Anixi in NYC

Mediterranean Diet Food Fire Roasted Eggplant

From stunning sides to mouth-watering desserts, Anixi has enough variety and choice to ensure that every guest– vegan or carnivore, Kosher or gluten-free– can find something to enjoy.

Ready to get started? Step into our 8th Avenue location to take part in a truly unique culinary experience.

For those who prefer a cozy night in, Anixi still offers options! Explore our full menu, and place an order for pickup or delivery today!