Za’atar Pita At Anixi NYC

Za’atar Pita from Anixi in NYC

For those unaccustomed to stepping out of their culinary comfort zones, the idea of trying new foods can be daunting. Just the act of stepping into a new restaurant can be nerve-wracking, as diners worry about looking foolish when they ask questions about the unfamiliar menu. No worries. Our staff is dedicated to helping every diner feel at home through patient descriptions and accessible pathways into new cultures with options like the za’atar pita from Anixi in NYC.

If there’s one thing Anixi knows, it’s how to provide inclusive dining options with innovative creativity. One glance at our easy-to-understand menu is enough. Watch as we serve up vegan takes on some of the most sought-after cuisine in the world, using only the highest quality ingredients for every bite, sip, and mouthwatering dip.

Anixi’s menu takes full advantage of all the rich flavors of the Mediterranean coast, helping our guests to sample the flavors of Greece, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon. For cruelty-free food that fits perfectly into any lifestyle, simply come down to our Chelsea location or place an order for pickup or to-go.

Crowd-Pleasing Za’atar Pita from Anixi

Za’atar Pita At Anixi NYC

If you find yourself wondering what kind of vegetable “za’atar” is, you’re not alone. Though incredibly common in Mediterranean dishes, you’re unlikely to see this word elsewhere. However, with just a bit of guidance, we can all but guarantee that you will soon find this one of the most commonplace ingredients in your kitchen.

Za’atar is a unique blend of spices created with a savory, standout effect. Though exact blends vary according to the kitchen and chefs involved, the most common za’atar blends contain a mix of sesame, coriander, sumac, oregano, cumin, thyme, and marjoram. 

As the newest member of the City Roots Hospitality family, the chefs at Anixi are well-versed in the art of embracing all the flavors this world has to offer. As such, we delicately incorporate this popular cultural seasoning into a variety of places, even blending it into our housemade za’atar pita and toasted za’atar pita chips. 

Then, of course, there is our unforgettable olive za’atar pide!

Our olive za’atar pide– the more specific term for this manner of flatbread pizza– has grown through the ranks to become a crowd favorite. The spectacular blend of harissa, za’atar, preserved lemon, and fresh thyme combine to create jaw-dropped flavor, tart, and savory all at once. 

From here, vegan “mozzarella” and “ricotta” add a softer, milder flavor to mellow out the sharp tang of citrus. A final sprinkling of red onions and capers adds a final, crunchy bite, cementing this dish as one you won’t soon forget. 

Za’atar Pita Recipe for Home

Perfectly portioned for a filling lunch or part of a nutritious dinner, this flatbread will leave you craving more. Thankfully, Anixi is ready to provide once again with the help of this easy at-home recipe.

For this simpler take on our own za’atar pide, we allow the za’atar pita to truly shine, presenting the chance for you to become well-accustomed to this unique, outstanding flavor. 


  • 1 vegan flatbread
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon za’atar mix
  • 1 Roma tomato
  • 1/2 a small red onion
  • Crumbled vegan feta
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 2 cloves of minced garlic
  • 1/3 cup of vegan Greek yogurt
  • 5 tablespoons of water
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. In a small bowl, mix the olive oil and za’atar. Brush this liberally over the surface of the flatbread, allowing it to soak as necessary. Depending on your personal tastes, you may want to reserve a small portion for dipping. 
  2. Slice the Roma tomato into thin slices, and place these over your pita. Likewise, slice the red onion thin and sprinkle it over the pita’s surface. 
  3. Finally, sprinkle a handful of vegan feta over the pita, and place it in the oven at 350 degrees until it is just browned. 
  4. As the pita toasts, mix the minced garlic, vegan Greek yogurt, water, and lemon juice together. This drizzle will provide a cool contrast to the crunchy, steaming pita!
  5. Remove the pita from the oven, drizzle with your blend, and top with salt and pepper to your personal tastes. Enjoy every delicious bite.

Dining with Anixi in NYC

Vegan Mediterranean Food At Anixi NYC

Whether you decide to dine simply, with a delicious toasted za’atar pita, or experiment with our olive za’atar pide option, know that you’re in safe hands at Anixi!

For inspiration on how to master the intricacies of Mediterranean spices, enjoy a meal with the very best. Step into our stunning NYC location and indulge in a meal you won’t soon forget, or for a cozy evening in, simply explore our full menu and place an order for pickup or delivery today!